Happy New Year!
I wanted to tell you about a show that I am in at Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA that opens January 8th, 2013. The public reception is Friday, January 12th from 5-8pm. I will be there! The show runs until February 2nd. Here is a little more info: Inspired by the prestigious Carnegie International, Box Heart's Art Inter/National... here and abroad exhibition began in 2002 by exploring how environment impacts the artistic process and influences what each artist creates. Now in its 12th year, the tradition of this exhibition continues to expand on its general concept by exposing the methods artists use to pursue their identity and interpret the invisible realms that reside within their subconscious. Over 550 entries, from regional, national, and international artists, were received for consideration this year. Of these entries, 20 artists were selected for participation and 24 works of art in a variety of media will be exhibited!
Also, I have work at Studio Gallery if you are in the Bay Area, and I frequently show at Redtree Gallery in Cincinnati. Online, my work can be purchased on or you can contact me directly.
I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I am looking forward to new shows and ventures to come!
Thanks for all your support!


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